New Website!

I have officially moved my blog, news, erotica & advice column to:

My DO:Fusion recap, new erotica, & more rolling out this week!


New website coming

Almost ready to unveil my new website, which will house my educator stuff, advice column, erotica, and blog – as well as links to my paid services.

Spring has Sprung

I presented at Dark Odyssey: Winter Fire last month, and despite my nerves I think it went well.

I presented Kinky Social Etiquette for BESS last week, and I had a great time. I’m hoping to be invited back.

I’m not presenting for Frolicon this year, but I’m still going and planning to just relax and have fun.

I will be presenting at Charm City Fetish Fair next weekend, as well as participating in a panel discussion for newbies.

I’m running the Pamporium again for Dark Odyssey: Fusion this summer.

I took the first step in moving/consolidating my web presence; I purchased web hosting. I’ll be moving this site, my personal blog, my advice column, my writing, and my professional services to a single home.

I’ve been logging a lot of writing hours, so look for new posts on the erotica & the advice fronts soon.

Catching Up

Wow, I’ve been falling down on the job as far as posting news.  A quick recap: I presented my Negotiations class for The Garden in December, and my Metamours class for Black Rose in January, both first time public presentations.  Both went well, but Metamours 101 was a huge success. Lots of great feedback as always, so I can’t wait for another opportunity to present each of them.

Coming up: 

It’s official; I’m presenting Flying Solo at a Kinky Con at Dark Odyssey Winter Fire next month! If you know me, you know this is a huge deal to me because Dark Odyssey is like my kinky home, and Winter Fire 2008 was my very first kink event!

I’m also working on setting a date to present for BESS (probably March) and hopefully will be presenting at both Frolicon and Charm City Fetish Fair this Spring.

And finally, I’m working on a couple of projects you should see debuting on this blog in a few 

Happy Fall

I’m done with the outdoor events for the year, now on to Fall!  I’ve just confirmed that I’ll be presenting Metamours 101 for Black Rose on Tuesday, October 30. I’m also in talks to present at the Garden sometime this Fall.  Stay tuned!

September means camping

The Floating World 2012 has come and gone, so it is on to FetFest! I’ll be presenting Flying Solo bright & early on Saturday morning. A couple weeks after that, I’ll be outdoors again, on staff for Dark Odyssey Summer Camp.

I don’t have anything on the calendar after that yet, but I’m working on it…

The World! It is Floating!

That is to say, I’m presenting at The Floating World next month. See? I’m on the schedule & everything:

I’m updating my outline for Poly for Singles as we speak! I’m also developing 2 new poly-themed classes (as in polyamory, not multiple themes) for debut later in the year.

Summer Fun

This weekend is British Lucky Paul’s Studio 54 Party, and then it’s a just a few short weeks until Dark Odyssey: Fusion. I’m not presenting, but I’ll be running the Pamporium for Fusion.

I just confirmed that I’ll be presenting Poly for Singles at The Floating World in August.

I applied to present at FetFest in September, and I’m working out some scheduling to go back to DC TNG as well as The Garden when it launches.

Busy, busy!


It’s less than a week until Frolicon, where I will be presenting 2 classes. It’s my 3rd Frolicon, and I’m crazy-excited about it.

I’m currently working on returning to DC TNG, as well as planning to work with w new venue in the area. Stay tuned for details, as always.

Happy New Year

I haven’t posted recently, because I’ve actually been quite busy. In addition to a couple presentations for DC TNG, I’ve been getting ready for Dark Odyssey Winter Fire (where I will be on staff, not presenting) working on some articles, and trying to have some fun along the way!

There will be lots of updates soon!