Here is a list of available presentations:

Asking for What You Want
Asking for what you want is the key to getting it. Very rarely in life do things just fall into your lap. So why don’t we do it more often? What are the things that get in our way, and how can we get past them?
Basic Impact Play
Do you like to hit people with things? Or maybe be hit? Not sure? Have you ever watched a scene with spanking, punching, paddling etc. and wondered if it’s for you? Let’s discuss and compare different forms of impact play (spanking, punching, caning, paddling, flogging etc.). This class may or may not be hands-on.
Flying Solo at Kinky Conventions
Kinky cons can be daunting, especially if you’re attending on your own. Whether you’re unpartnered or have a a partner not attending, we’ll talk about how to maximize fun, minimize stress and make sure you survive for next time.
Making Negotiation Fun & Sexy, aka, how to not bring your flirting to a screeching halt to have a business meeting about your date.
The title of this one just about says it all. How do you carry on that all-important scene negotiation without losing all the sexy momentum you’ve just built up? We’ll talk about what the most important pieces of a scene negotiation are, how to be clear in your intentions while still having fun, and how to know when you’re ready to play. We’ll also touch on partner/relationship negotiation and how it’s different from scene negotiation.
Metamours 101: Interacting with your Partners’ Partners
1) Literally, meta = with, adjacent, beyond, about , a concept which is an abstraction from another concept + amor = love.
2) The partner of one’s partner, with whom one does not share a direct sexual or loving relationship.

If there are infinite ways in which partners can relate, then the potential connections between metamours is infinity^2. Let’s discuss some of the most frequent hows & whys of interacting with your partner’s partners, including, approaches, communication, boundaries, and time-management.

Kinky Social Etiquette: How to get along with perverts
New to public kink? Or just need a refresher? Tips for the terminally awkward, the socially savvy, and everyone in between. This workshop can include roleplay exercises.
Playing with Dildos, Plugs, and Vibes
Toys can be a wonderful way to enhance your play, whether it’s solo, duo, or more. Insertables, especially, can be a little daunting though. Let’s talk about how to find the right toy(s) for you, how to take care of them, and how to get more out of playing with them.
Poly for Singles
For some people Monogamy/Non-monogamy is a characteristic of a particular relationship; for others it’s an identity, lifestyle, and/or philosophy. Let’s talk about navigating the dating/partnership/relationship waters on your own, and what it means to be single and dating when you’re not necessarily looking for “the one.” We’ll talk about things like various models of non-monogamy and how to stay sane while dating a partnered person.

 In Development:
  • Developing Your Local Kink Community
  • Fluid Sexuality: How not to let labels get the better of your libido
  • Being a Secondary Partner
  • Sexy Safer Sex

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